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Operational Efficiency

Run your roadside assistance business more efficiently

QuikAsist roadside assistance software helps you streamline roadside assistance operations and make your on-field technicians more productive through the use of a dedicated mobile app, advanced analytics, and fleet management features.

Roadside Assistance
Executive Mobile App

Executive Mobile app

Empower your field technicians with a dedicated mobile app

Equipped with a mobile app, your field technicians will be able to triple their productivity. The QuikAsist roadside assistance mobile app will let them do everything from tracking job locations and managing field assets to billing customers and collecting feedback.

Ticket Management

Manage tickets from anywhere, at anytime

QuikAsist lets you streamline your business workflows by enabling you to manage your business no matter where you are. From checking ticket details and customer info to monitoring the task and handling quotes, invoices, and payments, QuikAsset lets you carry out all the important business activities smoothly.

Ticket Management
Accessories Fitment

Accessories Fitment

Emergency parts replacement and installation

Service providers will be able to deliver and install parts in case of any breakdown or unknown emergency without hassle, with the driver bearing the expense of the repair and replacement parts.

Inventory Management & Tracking

Manage and track spare parts used by field technicians

QuikAsist Roadside Assistance Software will help you keep track of all the tools and spare parts used on jobs. With QuikAssist, your on-field technicians will find it easy to get the right spare parts they need and enable you to track asset usage seamlessly.

Manage and Track Spare Parts

Schedule and Dispatch

Ticket scheduling and technician dispatching are seamless

With our automatic ticket tracking and dispatch, you’ll be able to ensure your business is hyper-productive at all times. Save time and increase efficiency with our routing, technician allocation, and customer chat features.

Ticket Scheduling

Real-time tracking

Track everything from your assets to field technician productivity

The key to efficiency is transparent tracking. With QuikAsist, you’ll be able to run the most efficient roadside assistance and dispatch business. Track your dispatched technicians, field assets, and customers from an easy and centralized dashboard.

Customer Mobile App

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

QuikAssist enables customers to create, monitor, and handle service complaints on their own. Additionally, they can also track the issue they raised by checking the complaint status, work order history, invoices, and more. With QuikAsist, clients will be empowered through real-time executive tracking, which lets them follow-up with inquires, get job status updates, and have a great overall experience.

Customer App

Reporting and Dashboards

Drive growth and revenue with actionable insights

QuikAsist empowers you to get actionable data-driven insights, real-time visibility, transparent metrics, and complete custom reports to boost productivity and expand your business horizons. QuikAsist's in-depth dashboard and reports let you take decisions backed by data. Create custom reports, track real-time productivity, analyze business metrics, and more with QuikAsset to scale your business and grow your revenue.

One-Click Invoicing and Payment

Automate payments and invoice generation

With our mobile app, you can create professional looking invoices that have all the details like tasks, assets used, and job images, to generate a stellar invoice. This will both improve the customer experience and help you collect payments swiftly.


Third-party Integrations

Integrate QuikAsist with your favorite third-party apps

From CRM and accounting tools to payment software, integrate QuikAsist with all the apps you need to run your roadside assistance business efficiently.


Scale your roadside assistance business with QuikAsist!

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