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Asset management software that maximizes your assets’ lifespans

QuikAsset boosts your business by letting you automate maintenance activities, record and track each asset, oversee asset lifecycles, and manage your assets with a few clicks. By automating asset management, you can boost productivity and efficiency by 87%.

Asset Management

Maintain full visibility of your assets

With asset maintenance software like QuikAsset, you can manage all your equipment owned by you or your clients and even rent assets from anywhere. QuikAsset enables you to track warranties, plan maintenance, view asset servicing history, and more. Prevent stockouts, boost technician utilization, and scale your FSM business with our asset maintenance software.

Control Asset Lifecycles

Track your assets and improve their delivery

QuikAsset ensures your business is able to manage risk, reduce costs, and provide a world-class customer experience through automated asset management on a single platform.

Track Assets

Work Order Management

Create and manage work orders with one click

Take care of all your work orders and ensure they’re executed on time with QuikAsset. Timely and efficient work order management will help you boost your revenue, meet customer needs successfully, and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Asset & Equipment Tracking

Easily monitor your assets and equipments

We understand the complexities of asset renting, maintenance, and management. That’s why we’ve designed QuikAsset to help you manage both yours and your client’s assets. From field-based equipment to crucial project assets, manage everything with a few clicks on the QuikAsset asset management software. Get complete visibility on all the assets you’ve owned and commissioned easily.

Service Logs and Records

Explore asset history and optimize their performance

Get access to logs of your machinery, tools, assets, and equipment, along with maintenance data with QuikAsset.

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Run the best on-field technician team

QuikAsset requires little to no manual support for enabling you to create, track, and manage multiple orders, along with managing spares in all your warehouses. You can assign spare parts to technicians and ensure that your inventory is secure at all times.


QuikAsset also lets you track the location of your assets, so you can ensure they are at maximum efficiency and your field technicians are productive.

Allocating Resources

Assign work orders and resources seamlessly

QuikAsset lets you ensure the right asset is allocated to the right technician. Find out where field technicians are located, provide them with the required assets, and ensure that your field service business runs at full efficiency. QuikAsset’s job calendar feature also lets you allocate technicians seamlessly with a simple drag-and-drop option.

Contract Management

Create, manage, and execute contracts

Managing contracts is a simple task with QuikAsset. Set up work orders for everything, from preventive equipment maintenance to contract renewals automatically. Send out timely reminders to clients for contract renewals and provide them with a hassle-free experience.

Field Service Mobile App

Reduce asset downtimes and boost technician productivity

Asset histories stored on QuikAsset help you conduct asset diagnosis and technician repair quickly. Your technicians will get access to their assigned work orders, important customer information, and asset information. By providing a first-time fix, you can ensure your assets have little to no downtime and your customers have the best overall experience.


Alongside this, the QuikAsset field service app routes your technicians to the customer site, records work completion through photos, and helps technicians be more productive through seamless asset usage.

Filed Service Mobile App

Customer Mobile App

Give your customers a dedicated mobile app for asset management

Customers can create, track, and manage service complaints and even keep monitoring the status of their complaints. QuikAsset also lets them track work order history, invoices, and other asset information from the dedicated customer portal or mobile app. In addition to this, customers will be able to use the QR codes and service inquiry forms on the client website or even call to create a request within seconds.

Reports and Analytics

Make data-driven decisions easily

QuikAsset’s analytics dashboard lets you make data-driven decisions at all times. Turn available data into valuable insights to steer your business in the right direction and give your customers a 5-star experience.

Built for Leading Field Service Businesses

QuikAsset is a one-stop solution for businesses in sectors like IT, manufacturing, and hospitality to seamlessly manage asset data, maintenance history, downtime reduction, and repair costs.


IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Manage your asset data and track hardware, software, licenses, asset history, and even peripheral assets like projectors, scanners, tables, chairs, and telephones.


Manufacturing Management

QuikAsset lets you seamlessly manage and maintain manufacturing assets being used at customers’ sites. Access the complete asset history and ensure timely task completion.

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels and Resorts

Manage and track assets used in all your hotel rooms, like TVs, refrigerators, etc. QuikAsset can also help your guests place requests for laundry care, food, etc.

Success Stories

What our customers are saying

sassico testimonial image

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that QuikAllot do a good job For VECTRA. I'm glad I decided to purchase your App. It's really great, how easy it can adopt to ELEVATOR BUISNESS.

Luxman Anura Senanayake - Company Owner

Vectra Elevator Systems - Elevator Service

sassico testimonial image

We could manage our medical equipment business in real time with zero paperwork, saving a lot of productive time. Easy to use, good customer support, excellent features at a great price! My overall experience is positive and will recommend it.

Komal - Service Coordinator

Genist Technocracy Pvt Ltd - Medical Equipment

sassico testimonial image

QuikAllot is a good tool to manage all the field service workflow in one place. Easy to use, pocket-friendly price, highly satisfied with the technician’s live tracking, comprehensive features, and good support team. Excellent software for smart decision-making. I would highly recommend QuikAllot for field service business and improve the organization’s growth.

Pradeep - Proprietor

Kulirvi Engineering - HVAC

sassico testimonial image

We love QuikAllot. We have been using QuikAllot for the past one year, it’s affordable, easy to use, and readily available with all the excellent features needed for our home appliances business. I am very satisfied with the technical and customer support. Excellent software for productivity improvement and customer service.

Ramkumar M - MIS Analyst

Sowbaghya Enterprises Pvt Ltd - Home Appliances

sassico testimonial image

Great experience. Sunila ma’am cleared the All Queries of Quick allot software. Amazing quality of work. No hassle. Any time any days she will ready to help with the software. Overall great experience. Thank you so much.

Pinky Dalwadi - Senior Sales and Support Engineer

Bitsy Infotech Pvt Ltd - IT Sales & Services

sassico testimonial image

Overall Very happy to have a good robust software for our long term needs. Thanks to the entire team..!! I would personally recommend any organization in Customer Service to use it and get benefited..!!

Kumar Rajappa - Senior Manager

Elista World (TeknoDome India Pvt Ltd) - Home Appliances

sassico testimonial image

Good service and features and it is easy to use. And also they give good advices to the customers and they provide service in time. And they design it simple which will be easy to the customer for using this software.

Jai Shankar Nethaji – Manager

United Elevators - Elevator Service

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